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Price: £185 (including postage in UK)
(Postage to Europe - additional £20)
(Postage Outside of Europe - additional £25)

Origin: Made by Nicholas Breeze Wood
Age: New
Diameter: 380mm approx

Depth of Frame: 78mm approx

A small shamanic frame drum made by Nicholas in 2014. The drum is skinned in reindeer skin on a bent beechwood frame. It is made in a Southern Siberian style, with an ancient Chinese bronze dragon ring as a hand grip on the back. This ring is many centures old and has two dragons and a sun disc on the underside and four chinese characters on the top surface for the four directions. These four characters generally are a blessing of some kind.

The drum has had a very light wash of ochre paint to take off the whiteness of the skin, and it has a Mongolian blue khadag tied to the dragon ring.

The drum is in new condition, and comes complete with a simple buckskin covered drum beater (not shown in the photos)

SHAMAN'S DRUM BEATER (Item No. Drum Beater 01)

Price: £28 (including postage Worldwide)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 25-75 years approx
Length: 231mm approx

An original small, well used, shaman's wooden drum beater from Nepal. The beater is in the form of a stick with a rounded striking end, and a xarved praying figure at the holding end.

A very rare item, drum beaters are generally considered very personal sacred objects by traditional shamans, and they are rarely available for sale.

It could be used as a drum beater, or as a prayer or talking stick, or simply enjoyed for the loverly and interesting object that it is.


Price: £95 (including postage in UK)
(Postage to Europe - additional £20)
(Postage Outside of Europe - additional £25)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 30 - 80 Years Approx
Diameter: 328mm approx

Depth of Frame: 86mm approx

A small, used Nepali shamans drum in good condition and with a good sound. The drum is a traditional sort, with the skin pegged to the frame with spikes that go inside the drum. There are also ropes around the rim of the drum helping to both hold the skin and also making a way to hold the drum. The drum does not come with a beater.

It would make an interesting item of decoration, but would also be perfectly useable as it is in good consition with a nice tight skin and a good sound. A very interesting example of a traditional shamans' drum.


Price: £185 (including postage in UK)
(Postage to Europe - additional £20)
(Postage Outside of Europe - additional £65)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 50 - 120 Years Approx
Diameter: 420mm approx

Depth of Frame: 173mm approx

A stunning, completly authentic, well used, museum quality, large single-sided village shamans drum from the Chepang tribe of Nepal.

The drum is a deep, hand-shaped wooden hoop with a single stretched skin over the front. The skin is laced onto the hoop with ratan as is the traditional method. The method of construction used in this drum means that the skin is folded back on itself - this folding back can be seen in the photos of the front of the drum, they show a small ring of additional skin around the edge of the hoop, which is the folded back skin rather than a defect in the skin..

The drum is held by means of two wooden struts bound with ratan at the back - one of which has come loose. Most of the ratan binding is missing and what is there is loose.

The drum is decorated by a quantity of iron chains and hand made iron cones and other shapes which jingle when it is played or moved.

The condition of the drum is good, the wood is sound and the skin is in generally good condition with no tears or major damage, although there are a few small holes (which will not get any worse unless the drum is treated badly), The skin is not as tight as it once originally was, and so the sound of the drum is poor. It is not really a drum to be played except with great care, rather it would be suited for a private collection or a museum.

It does not come with a drum stick which originally would have been a stick ment from bent bamboo.

The drum offers a chance to own a beautiful unique real shamans drum - single sided drums like this rarely come onto the market and one complete with it's iron cone bells and chains makes this a stunning object.

SHAMAN'S DRUM (DHYANGRO) (Item No. Frame Drum 04)

Price: £175 (including postage in UK)
(Postage to Europe - additional £20)
(Postage Outside of Europe - additional £55)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 50 - 120 Years Aprrox
Diameter: 230mm approx

Overall Length: 605mm approx
Depth of Frame: 132mm approx

Authjentic, used traditional double sided Nepalese shaman's drum (dhyangro) with well carved wooden phurba handle.The two drum skins represent male and female. The male side is the side which has the edge of the phurba's blade and the female is the side with the flat of the phurba's blade. The skins of these drums traditionally should be bear and a drum of this age may be bear, although it is hard to tell for sure.

The drum is in excellent condition, the skins are tight and it has a good sound. It is laced with thin cord rather than the normal ratan, but the cord is the same age as the drum and it is very well made. There are some strips of ancient cloth decoration around the head of the phurba handle. The drum has somethings rattling around inside it when it is moved, this is intentional and these loose objects are normally small stones, or a stone, a bone and a sea shell. There is no original drum stick with the drum, but it will come with a newly made bamboo drum stick similar to the one it would have originally have had so it can be played.

This is a beautiful, useable drum with tight skins and great overall character. It would be suitable for shamanic practice or display. It is of high quality and would be suitable for a museum or a private collection.