All of the items in this gallery are special, most of them are one-off pieces and have stories to tell you. All of them are as they are described or a full refund will be given.

This is a gallery for those who are passionate about their Shamanism or Buddhism, and who feel the need to use fine quality sacred objects in their practice.

The objects are from my ever changing collection, and are generally untouched, I do not often clean or do any repair work on them except for in extreme cases.

The ages shown in the descriptions of the objects are approx, but as accurate as possible. It is often very hard to tell the exact date of an object that comes from a tradition that has used them for a long time. Also when the objects are made of materials such as metal the objects can only be dated by clues given by their degree of wear and any tiny differences in design which change over time. It is possible that the objects are older (or younger) than the guide age.

All the objects are measured in mm. For those of you in the world who dont use this unit of measurement, to conver to inches is easy. There are 25.4 mm in one inch - so divide any mm measurement by 25 with your calculator and you will get a pretty close size in inches. For example 200 (mm) divided by 25 equils 8 (inches).

This website is managed by me, Nicholas Breeze Wood.

I am the editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine - a leading international magazine about shamanism, and I've had a fascination withshamanic, magical and ritual objects since I was a small child. I have studied them actively for the past 30 years, focusing especially on those used by the Plains peoples of North America, and the Shamanic and Buddhist cultures of the Tibetans, Mongolians, Buryats and other peoples of Central Asia and Southern Siberia.

I have worked with many shamans and medicine people over the years to learn about these objects, the sacred and craft traditions they were born from, and the use they were put to in ritual and ceremony. I'm also a skilled shamanic drum and rattle maker myself, and am well known for my ritual craftwork.

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I live in Pembrokeshire in West Wales in the UK.

Blessings to all beings.