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Shaman's in Asia, Central Asia and Siberia use many different forms of bells and jingles, often on thier coats or tied to other objects. In Nepal chains of bells are worn across the shoulder, and in Mongolia and Southern Siberia tiger bells and metal jingles are often used.


Price including postage: £175 (UK) £195 (World)

Origin: Nepal or Tibet
Age: 25-75 years
Diameter: 147mm approx

A very fine Bön shang bell used by Tibetan lhapa shamans and Bön pracitioners. It has a very loud sound and is made of good quality bell metal. Its clapper is the tip of a yak horn and on top of the bell is a disc of turquoise and red coral, with six iron bead, a large eternal knot bead and braided silk streamers in the five colours of the directions and the elements.

A beautiful and rare example of a this type of traditional shaman's bell.

SHAMAN'S JINGLE CONES (Kholbigs or khunkhinguur)- (Item No. Jingle Cones 01)

Price including postage: £19 each (UK) £23 (World)

Traditional Mongolian shaman's jingles, hand made by a Mongolian shaman-blacksmith in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Origin: Mongolia
Age: Recently made
Length: 82mm approx

DETAILED TIGER BELLS - (Item No. Tiger Bell 01)

Price including postage: 2 Bells for £15 (UK) £20 (World)

Origin: Western China
Age: A few years
Length: 40mm approx
Width: 30mm approx

Large, well detailed tiger bells with an old look. Very limited supply.

Found all over Asia, from the South right up to Siberia, these brass bells are always associated with shamanism, protection and magic. They are prized by Siberian shamans, who sew them onto their coats or tie them to ritual objects. In other cultures they are tied to children's ankles as protective charms or worn around the neck. They have been made for centuries and although are not easy to find are still being made.

The design of Tiger Bells vary but the ones offered are fairly typical.

TIGER BELLS LARGE (Item No. Tiger Bell 02)
Origin: Tibet
Age: New
Length: 28mm approx
Width: 22mm approx

Price including postage: 5 Bells for £15 (UK) £19 (World)

TIGER BELLS MEDIUM - (Item No. Tiger Bell 03)
Origin: Tibet
Age: New
Length: 22mm approx
Width: 18mm approx

Price including postage: 10 Bells for £15 (UK) £19 (World)

TIGER BELLS SMALL - (Item No. Tiger Bell 04)
Origin: Tibet
Age: New
Length: 20mm approx
Width: 16mm approx

Price including postage: 10 Bells for £10 (UK) £14 (World)

Bells (Ghanta in Sanskrit and Dilbru Tibetan) are used in Tibetan Buddhism together with a ritual thunderbolt (Vajra in Sanskrit and Dorje in Tibetan). The bell representing the female principal - emptyness and wisdom, and the dorje representing the male principal - form and compasson. Bells are rung in ceremonies and meditation practice, and sometimes also sung with. They may be also kept on an altar as symbolic objects and small versions of them are worn as sacred amulets.

Dorjes come in both 5 and 9 pronged forms - the centre rod being included in the number of prongs.

In Mongolia bells like this are used by White Shamans (shamans who work with Upperworld spirits more than lower world spirits - which are worked with by Black Shamans - it has nothing to do with good and evil)

It is traditional never to polish bells, as in Buddhism the female, empty state, is concidered perfect.

Other forms of bells used in both Buddhism and Shamanism include large cymbals, and the thicker, small form of cymbal known as a tingsha. Tingshas may be in pairs or single. In Buddhism they are generally used to call spirits - called Hungry Ghosts - to come to ritual meals given as an act of compasson for them. In Mongolian and Tuvan Shamanism they are used to call to the spirit powers to come to a ceremony and for other things.

In Buddhism it is considered bad form and unhelpful to oneself or others to ring a tingsha without making a small offering to the Hungry Ghosts. A simple mantra is a suitable offering - such as 'Om Ah Hung.'

More information about the Tibetan use of bells and dorjes can be found in an article HERE.

Shamans also use other types of bells, such as Jingle Cones and Tiger Bells, both of which can be found at the bottom of the page.


Price including postage: £25 (UK) £35 (World)

Origin: Nepal
Age: New
Diameter: 73mm approx
Height: 138mm approx

A recently made bell of good quality. The bell has a sweet sound and long sustain.

DORJE (Item No. Dorje 01)

Price including postage: £25 (UK) £30

(Sanskrit: Vajra - Tibetan: Dorje)
Origin: Tibet or Northern Nepal
Age: 5 - 10 years approx
Length: 95mm approx

Small, nine prong dorje (eight and centre). Excellent to use as a ritual object or added to a collection.


Price including postage: £25 (UK) £35 (World)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 10-20 years
Diameter: 59mm approx

A set of tingsha cymbals used to call spirits (especially hungry ghosts when offerings are being made to them). They have a sweet sound and a long sustain.


Price including postage: £18 (UK) £22 (World)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 30-100 years
Diameter: 67mm approx

A set of old rustic, village made tingsha cymbals used to call spirits (especially hungry ghosts when offerings are being made to them). They have a poor sound but lots of charm.