Articles about aspects of shamanism and the use of ritual objects are free to download.
Most of these articles are from past issue of Sacred Hoop Magazine.
They are all in pdf format, so you will need to have acrobat reader installed on your computer.

New articles will be placed here from time to time.

Shamans Fringed Face Masks

The Shamanic Blacksmith Spirit

Working with Altars

The Shaman Transformed - Gender and Sexuality in Siberian Shamanism

Tengerism - the spirituality behind Siberian and Mongolian shamanism

Central Asian Carpets - Shamanic Themes and History

Sami Shaman's Drums

The Sacred Six Directions

Siberian Shaman's Drums

Nagas - Serpant Spirits of Central Asia and Tibet

The Shaman's Jaw Harp

The Djinn - Spirits of the Desert

Iron - Ancient Protective Element

Ongon - Spirit Houses of Siberia

Tibetan Prayer Beads - Their Use in Magic and Divination

An interview with the Tibetan State Oracle

The Ritual Objects of Tibetan Tantra

Native American Trade Blankets

Siberian Shaman's Coats

Objects of Power on Siberian Shamans Coats

Padmasambhava and Nepalese and Tibetan Shamanism

An Introduction to Peyote Stitch Beadwork

Peyote Rattles

Phurba - Ritual Demon Dagger and World Tree of Nepal and Tibet

The Killing of Demons - Healing Work with the Phurba

Native American Pipe Bags

The Native American Pipe Ceremony

The Poetry of Things - an Interview with Nicholas Breeze Wood

Working with Rattles - by Jonathan Horwitz

Diné (Navaho) Sand Painting Traditions

The Shaman's Mirrors of Tibet, Mongolia and Siberia

dZi Stones of Tibet - by James Wainwright

The Tibetan use of Human Bones in Sacred Objects

Kanglings - Human Thighbone Trumpets

Tiger Bells

Chinese Coins in Divination and Shamanism

Lhapa - Buddhist Shamans of Tibet