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Price: £275(including postage in UK)
(Postage to Europe - additional £30)
(Postage Outside of Europe - additional £58)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 30 - 60 Years Aprrox
Diameter: 385mm approx

Overall Length: 660mm approx
Depth of Frame: 150mm approx

Authentic, used traditional double sided Nepalese shaman's drum (dhyangro) with well carved wooden phurba handle.

The two drum skins represent male and female. The male side is the side which has the edge of the phurba's blade and the female is the side with the flat of the phurba's blade.

The drum is in excellent condition, the skins are tight and it has a good sound. The drum has somethings rattling around inside it when it is moved, this is intentional and these loose objects are normally small stones, or a stone, a bone and a sea shell. There is an original drum stick with the drum, but it has had an addition of some soft wool wrapped around one end of it. This is not traditional and could be remvoed if wished.

This is a beautiful, useable drum with tight skins and great overall character. It would be suitable for shamanic practice or display. It is of high quality and would be suitable for a museum or a private collection.


Price: £95.00 (including postage Worldwide)

Origin: Nepal or Tibet
Age: 50 - 150
Length: 370mm approx

A delightful copper and white metal Buddhist trumpet in a stylised form of human thighbone kangling, the trumpet evenhas a double hole at the 'knuckle' end of the instrument like a bone kangling has. The instrument is in good condition and has a wonderful loud sound. It has a chain fixed near both ends.

This is a beautifully made old kangling but it does not sound very strongly - it might need cleaning inside, and I am certain with a little work it could be made to sound better that it currently does.While there are many modern reproductions of Tibetan dragon headed metal horns available nowadays, this is an original one of rare design.

A good instrument for ritual practice.


Price: £25 (including postage worldwide)

Origin: Nepal or Tibet
Age: 10-20 years
Length: 84mm approx

Small ritual conch shell trumpet in good condition. Shells like this are placed on altars to represent the offering of music.

JAW HARP (Item No. Sound A04)

Price: £26 each (including postage worldwide)

Origin: Nepal
Age: 20-50 Years
Length: 84mm approx

Jaw harps are essential pieces of equipment for Mongolian and Southern Siberian shamans. They are used in much the same way as drums, they can help a shaman go into trance. They are often decorated with cloth tassle with beads or amulets on and these are used to bless people and transfer healing power.

This is a typical small hand forged iron jaw harp, a type found in many regions in Central Asia, and it has a good sound. It would be very suitable for use in shamanic practice or just as a musical instrument in its own rights.

There are two similar instruments in stock.